Summer is just right around the corner

There’s only so many days before my junior year of high school is at it’s end. It makes me happy and sad both at the sametime. Happy because I am glad this death year is almost to an end. Sad because I am going to miss all my senior friends greatly. I have gotten so close with a lot of them this year, and it makes me sad I won’t see them at Kenton Ridge next year. I’m getting closer, and closer to my end goals that I want to meet before we all go on summer break. And that means with the weeks shortening, the stressing is getting larger. So to add onto all of that, I now am playing the guitar for the senior song at graduation. I don’t it so crazy, in than less than 5 months I will be a senior in high school and after that, the next chapter of my life starts.


Spring Break was actually good for not going anywhere.

I firsted started out my spring break with working, and spending time with my family on Sunday and we went out to eat and went to the park afterwards for my little niece. And then I worked all the way up until Wednesday, and then I went to my grandparents for the rest of the week. That night I had went to church and afterwards went and saw my pastor and his wife new baby girl that was just born the day before. The next day we went and saw Beauty and the Beast in IMAX with our youth group. It was actually really good. And on Friday, I hung out with my pastor again and he took me out to eat to Crackerbarrel and afterwards had a bluegrass jam session for about 2 hours. On Saturday, I spent most of my day with my grandparents and my grandpa is from the south, so he is a fantastic cook. He cooked a good homemade meal for my sister and her family coming back on vacation from Texas. It was delicious, I had 3 plates. And then on Sunday started our revival at church and went to a meeting at work and came home.

This weekend I had my 5th niece was born… but only for temporarily?

This weekend was filled with laughter, joy, and a bunch of… screaming. This weekend my sister had brought home her new 8 pound 6 ounce “baby” girl, Penelope. At one point I had asked her who the babydaddy was but I had never gotten an answer. So for a class she takes this year, Child Development, she had to bring home a “baby” for the weekend while 4 of her classmates did as well. It was cute at first and then I heard it cry for the first time. That’s when I knew I couldn’t wait for 8 o’clock Monday morning to be here. I actually ended taking care of the kid as much as she did just so she could catch up on some sleep. Love ya Penelope, you’ll always have a special place in the family.(NOT!!)

-Uncle Krouton

¿Es el verano todavía?

Is it summer yet? This is the question that thousands of people are asking. I am sick and tired of ole´ man winter. I am kind of upset that Phil once again, seen his shadow. That dumb groundhog has to be over 100 years old, he is ancient. I do not think I can last another six weeks. I am just thankful that it has not been as bad as it usually is or people said it was supposed to be. Really missing Dr. Lou Kramer though, he really hooked us up with those two-hour delays and closing. 16506865_969020683228309_1337505996_n

Determination equals Happiness

My goal for this quarter is to stay focused and motivated. I  struggled a little bit last semesters and did not prioritize well. But this time it is going to be different. I have a fresh start and a new day. My determination is none like any other and I will reach my goals. I will have success. 

When catastrophe hits home

Monday, November 28th. Just an average day. School’s in session, parents are at work. And it’s 11 a.m. I walk into 4th period, listening to my CBFM teacher reading off breaking news about a shooting going on at tOSU. I thought to myself,”there is no way that there could be a school attack just 45 minutes away from me. Where my family lives. Or where my friends go to college at.” I never actually thought it was possible for something so tragic to happen to me and my city. But that’s the case today and is becoming reality more and more each and every day. It never occurred to me that life could be that short. I was too foolish to see that I taken life for granted and that within in a blink of an eye.. I could be gone for forever.

Photo attributed to:

“OSU Wallpaper” by Mark Kesling is licensed to share under CC 2.0


Going from rising stars to a fatal tragedy… this is the story of the Chapecoense

They were once considered a ¨D¨ league soccer team. But after the effort and hard work they had put forth, they qualified for the division 1 soccer league. And their reasoning for steadily rising through the ranks; heart and determination. The Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team was out of Chapeco, a city of about 200,000 about 800 miles south of Rio De Janeiro. They were rising to fame as they continued on their victory streak. There was much excitement roaming through out the country for the team as it continued in the tournament to play at the Copa Sudamerica finals on November 30th against Atletico nacional in Medellin, Columbia. It was the true underdog story. But on the early morning of tuesday, November 29th, tragedy struck. While on their way to Columbia, the plane had suffered mechanical & eletrical problems and fatally crashed, just 22 miles away from the airport in Medellion. 71 out of the 81 soccer players, coaching staff, officials, reporters and flight crew had died. Leaving only 10 survivors with scars, both physically & mentally, that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. As their dreams turned into reality, the real outcome was a nightmare. Our thoughts and prayers go out to victims and their families as the world mourns at the loss of the true underdogs. Long live the Chapcoense.


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¨Plane Crash¨ by AMISOM Public Information  is licensed to shared under CC 2.0 






You know I woke up about 7:45 this morning and didnt really have time to pack a lunch without being late to school. So I obviously didnt eat breakfast. But I came to school thinking I would be able to charge for a lunch. So I stood in line, got my lunch, clokcked in my number. And bang. ¨Sorry, you are not able to get a lunch.” So all that has been on my mind is… pasta. Spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken tortellini alfredo, etc.. I just want some pasta.

“Merry Christmas”… Already?

“Merry Christmas to all and all a good night.” Wait it’s not even Thanksgiving yet?? Many retail stores including Walmart, Home Depot, Krogers, etc… have skipped over our national holiday of gathering together with your family and chowing down on a turkey. Well not for the big time companies. Christmas is already here and Santa Claus is already in town. So much for  celebrating the turkey and put up the Christmas tree.